Why Do Critics|People HATE Christian Movies???

Over the last 20 or so years christian movies have been given a bad rap by the critics. 3% make it over 60% positive rating on Rotten tomatoes and the rest get less praise than your normal regular terrible movie would get. Critics seems to just not approve of this genre at all and why do they? Whats the hold up and whos to blame? Is it the filmmaking itself or is it the story or lack there of? Even some christians have voiced their opinions on why they think faith based films come off as cheesy or just not something they look forward too because it doesnt present a real accurate reality. It lives in a box the filmmaker decided to present that doesnt relate in alot of ways to real life. I myself make christian films and do want to see them succeed but I also don’t want to stick my head in the sand and pretend everything is fine. There is no reason Christian Filmmakers shouldn’t be able to consistently make great movies that can be inspiring yet realistic. Oscars don’t exempt Christian Films but you do have to be exceptional and hope no one else that year was just as or better. Why can’t a faith based film be nominated one day yet not be labeled just a christian film. Why can’t Christian Filmmakers make great films period, not good Faith Based Genre films.

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