MOL value of a life – New Nepali Christian Full Movie.

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SR Studio Presents a Mol Ministry Production a Movie
“MOL value of a life ”
Based on Social Awareness , Comedy and Drama.
Cast: Anup Rai, Eakraj Subba, Rina Rai, Akash Rai, Bivek Rai,Adip Gurung, Anokha Gurung, Sisir Moktan, Subash Bantawa Rai, Eld.Abharam Rai, Ps.Kuber Gurung, Amardeep Rai, Pritam Gurung, Dauth Limbu, Dipesh KC, Aruna Karki.
Written by: Eakraj Subba , Anup Rai and Samrit Rai.
Director/ Editor: Samrit Rai
Background Score/ Song Arranger: Kapil Sunar
Cinematographer: Samrit Rai
Asst.Cinematographer: Eakraj Subba
Singers: Samrit Rai and Kapil Sunar
Song Composed: Eakraj Subba
Inquiries: [email protected]

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